• WITTE HiTEMP – Lieferprogramm für hitzebeständige Edelstähle

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WITTE HiTEMP. The Heat is on.

    Other heat-resistant,
    non-rusting stainless steels

    High-temperature resistant alloys are effectively used in a temperature range from 550°C to 1,150°C. The special composition of these alloys aims to form a resistant oxide layer that inhibits the diffusion of alloy elements and thus protects against further oxidation.

    The crucial element here is chromium, while aluminum and silicon also contribute to oxidation resistance. These alloys are divided into ferritic (chromium-alloyed) and austenitic (chromium-/nickel-alloyed) steels.

    1.4550 || 347/H 1.4762 || AISI 446 1.4876 || Alloy 800H 2.4816 || Inconel 600 2.4856 || Inconel 625


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